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Fake and Gay
No Hard R
How Bad Can it Get
The Rabbit Hole
Face the Strange
Yellow Dawn
AMA (Ask Me Anything) #2 - Having a Good Time (Audio)
Against Time
Border Runners 4 - The Caravan Crisis
Change that Matters
Exploited Memes
Skydaddies, Being and Time
AMA (Ask Me Anything) #1 - Lay on the Spikes! (Audio)
The Wanderer's Choice
Burqas in Bongland
How to Act in a Crisis
Border Runners 3 - The Embrownening
Sargon the Afraid
Dr Murdoch's No Good Very Bad Week
Galaxy MM88
Vampire Hunter M
The Ghosts of America
Speak Freely
The Cruel Fate of Kekistan
Get Yer Hands Off Muh Vidya
Immortality Through Delicious T-shirt Money
Nice Guy National Socialist
All for Love
The Greatest Generation
The Real Red Pill Blues
The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness
Your Heroes Journey
A Kangz Carol
The Alt Light Strikes Back
Murdoch Merch
The Great Meme War of 2016
Obama's Legacy
Reddit AMA (Announcement Video)
Shameless Promotion for the NPI 2016 Fall Conference
Meme Magic
Anti-Fascist Action
Hwite Knights
No Way, San Jose
Revenge of the Murdochs
They Sleep, We Live
The Trump Supporter
Pure 100% Bavarian Phenotype
Fatherland (Second Version)
Fatherland (Original)
Important Message
My Name is Aids Skrillex
The Murdoch Diaries
Trudeau's Diversityathon
Back to the Faggot
Jeb! On Suicide Watch
Murdoch Murdoch on The Daily Shoah (Audio Interview)
This Machine Kills Hippies
Murdoch's Christmas Special #1
The Last Son of the West
Episode 15 - Hold Back The Night
Episode 14 - Progressives Night Out
Murdoch's Halloween Special #1
Episode 13 - Prep The Bull
Episode 12 - The Art of the Red Pill
Episode 11 - Mandell's Milk
Episode 10 - When My Brothers Finally Wake Up
Episode 9 - J.J.'s Interracial Art That's Perfectly Acceptable
Episode 8 - Flight 800-000
Episode 7 - The Ghost of Stonewall Jackson
Episode 6 - Ellen Pao's Gift to Pol
Race War, Us Against Them
Episode 5 - #brave
Episode 4 - Return of the Swede
Episode 3 - The Orbiter
Episode 2 - Nigel's Dream
Episode 1 - The Reddit Cuck Discovers Pol